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Creating Defensive Lineup Strategies For Youth Baseball

Baseball coaches can use this guide to better organize their defensive strategy on the field.

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The Complete Guide To Wearable Technology

From sleep-tracking to route-mapping, wearable technology can help you get fit and improve your game. Learn more about these gadgets with our guide.

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Circuit Training With Pro Tips & lucy Activewear

Get your daily workout in with this great 30-minute fusion circuit workout video from lucy Activewear.

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Call Of The Wild: Using Coyote Calls & Predator Calls

Looking to outsmart a predator? Start with these tips and tricks on coyote and predator calling for your hunt.

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How To Run In Winter: Cold Weather Running Tips

The key to running in the cold is the right gear. These cold weather running tips help you navigate your winter route safely and effectively.

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Bag Your Buck With These Scouting & Trail Camera Basics

What’s the difference between eating your tag at the end of the season and wrapping it around a whitetail buck? It might just be your trail camera. Learn how to make the most of your device with this how-to cam scouting guide.

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How To Create A Batting Lineup

There’s a certain art to crafting that just-right batting lineup. Youth baseball coaches can begin their offensive strategy with this simple guide.

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All About KanJam: Origins, Rules & Playing Tips

KanJam, an incredibly popular disc game that originated in the 90s, is the perfect way to liven up your next party. Learn how to play KanJam with this guide.

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Advanced Yoga Moves With Pro Tips & lucy Activewear

Ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Try the flying pigeon. This yoga video from lucy Activewear takes you through the flying pigeon asana.

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Choosing Your Child's First Hockey Stick

Find their first hockey stick with this how-to guide.

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