Ready For Your Ride: A Bike Buying Guide

New to cycling? Learn all about road bikes, mountain bikes, comfort bikes and hybrids so you can find your best ride.

Ready For Your Ride: A Bike Buying Guide

New to cycling? Get started with a bike that’s made for your journey. Bicycles are specially designed for specific terrains and riding conditions—so think about where you plan to cycle before making your selection. You can go from city streets to mountain trails with these essential bike models.


Mountain Bikes For Off-Road Terrain

Mountain bikes have sturdy frames, wide tires, upright handlebars and rugged brakes.

  • Low gears make it easier to pedal uphill, through mud and over rough terrain
  • Heavier than road and hybrid bikes, mountain bikes are built to withstand frequent use and rough riding
  • Brakes have extra clearance to reduce mud and debris build-up
  • Many have front suspension systems built into the fork, but rear suspension is becoming more common. Suspension increases comfort and improves control over rough ground
  • Front suspension bikes are well-suited for intermediate riders who spend most of their time off-road, but may also venture onto bike paths or packed dirt roads and trails
  • Full-suspension cross-country models are for serious off-road riding and experienced riders
  • Full-suspension mountain bikes provide agility and comfort even in rugged conditions


Road Bikes For Fitness & Commute Biking

Road bikes have a narrow, lightweight frame and high-pressure tires for smooth rides.

  • Lightweight frames and construction promote agility
  • Seating position enhances speed and aerodynamics
  • Not designed to carry heavy loads over extended periods
  • Do not perform well on rough terrain
  • Use competitively or casually for racing, exercise or commuting


Hybrid Bikes For Smooth, Packed Trails

Hybrids blend features from mountain bikes and road bikes.

  • Rugged like a mountain bike and lightweight like a road bike
  • Multiple speeds and gears for riders who plan to use their bikes in different environments
  • Lightweight frame, upright riding position, wider wheels for stability
  • Flat, straight handlebars give riders good position and control on the road
  • 700c tires can be ridden on light trails and paved roads


Comfort Bikes For Leisure Riding



Comfort bikes are designed for leisure riders.

  • Upright handlebars and wide padded seats
  • Frame supports upright riding position that provides optimal comfort
  • High shock absorption, smooth-riding tires, hand or coaster brakes
  • Select styles feature adjustable stems and contoured grips
  • Allow you to ride longer because there is less stress on your body


Cruiser Bikes For Retro-Style Riding

Cruisers are stylish, vintage-inspired bikes with modern features.

  • Balloon tires and upright riding position
  • Heavy construction
  • Oversized and well-padded seats
  • Smooth ride and comfortable feel


BMX Bikes For Mastering Tricks & Stunts

BMX bikes are designed for obstacle courses and tricks.

  • Fast, agile, versatile
  • Single-speed with reinforced frames
  • Select styles feature brake rotors and pegs
  • Ability to ride on any sort of surface
  • Hold up to the stress of ramp riding, flat land and dirt jumping
  • Frame is compact and agile for a variety of maneuvering