Pilates Circuit Core Workout: 100s with Pro Tips and lucy Activewear

Watch as trainer Kit Rich shows how to tone and strengthen your core with the 100s exercise.

The 100s is an exercise that Pilates instructors love doing at the beginning of a workout. This is because the move activates the lower abs and sets the abs for the rest of the workout. Pumping your arms increases blood flow to the heart, telling your body that you’re ready to move.

So, let’s get started.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet up in the air, your knees and hips forming a 90-degree angle. Engage your abs and keep a neutral spine. On an inhale, reach your arms up to the sky. Your palms should be facing upward.

On an exhale, reach your arms down to the floor, hovering a few inches off the floor, and then lift your head and neck, with your shoulder blades just off the mat. With your arms straight, begin to pulse your arms up and down.

Slap your palms gently on the floor. Inhale deeply for 5 beats, pumping the arms and then exhale for 5 beats, pumping the arms. Hold the position and continue pulsing your arms for 10 breaths. 10 breaths is 100 total beats (5 for each inhale and 5 for each exhale).


For a sensitive back, keep your knees bent in table top position instead of extending them straight. If you have a sensitive neck, keep your head down on the mat.