Gridiron Guide: How to Buy the Right Football Gloves

Discover the difference between lineman and receiver football gloves to learn how to buy the right pair for you.

Football gloves can add confidence to your game. They’re also essential for keeping you comfortable and boosting grip during catches. Before buying your football gloves, think about your position, playing style and preferences on the gridiron.

Lineman gloves have extra padding at the knuckles and in the palms for the set position and for pushing around the other team. They’re a little sturdier than wide receiver gloves. What they lack in flexibility they make up for in durability. Expect your lineman gloves to help prevent fingers from bending backwards too far.

Many linemen find these helpful in protecting against scratching their hands, too, against other players helmets or cleats. In case you get a hand stepped on while in a pile, lineman gloves can partially offset that pain. These gloves can be full-finger or half-finger, and that is more of a personal preference.

Wide receiver gloves are much different than lineman gloves in that they lack padding around the hands and encourage flexibility. They are thin and lightweight, typically with a tacky feel in the palm and fingers. This helps grip the ball before and after the catch. You’ll want to find receiver gloves that are breathable, too, to keep your hands dry during the game or practice.