Buying A Women’s Lacrosse Stick

You can maximize your season with the right lacrosse stick. Use these tips to learn about lacrosse stick types and components.

Gearing up for lacrosse season? Get started with the right stick for your game. Choose your women’s lacrosse stick based on your skill level and playing preferences.


  • The head is the top part of the lacrosse stick. It can be purchased strung or unstrung.
  • Shafts are the bottom part of the stick, sometimes referred to as the handle.
  • A complete lacrosse stick includes both a shaft and pre-strung head.


Complete women’s lacrosse sticks include a shaft and pre-strung head. They are typically 35.5 to 43.25 inches long and are ideal for beginning players as they hone their skill set.


Women's Lacrosse Goalie vs Normal Stick

  • Most are made of composite, aluminum, titanium, scandium or alloys.
  • Diameter can be seven-eighths to 1 inch in size. Some are tapered.
  • They are usually octagonal and some come with texture to provide a better grip.
  • Tapered shafts help with hand placement and cradling.
  • The head of the stick is typically attached to the shaft with a screw to keep it in place.
  • Composite shafts stay at a consistent temperature outdoors and come in a variety of textures and grips.


It’s important to make sure your lacrosse head pocket is broken-in before play. Women’s lacrosse typically requires a higher pocket than the men’s version of the game. Some heads come with a pocket that’s already broken in. If you’re unsure about your pocket, just ask your coach.

  • By NCAA rules, women’s lacrosse stick heads must be 7 to 9 inches wide with a traditional string configuration. Goalie sticks can be up to 12 inches wide.
  • Nylon mesh stringing is not permitted in women’s lacrosse sticks. Only goalkeeper sticks can be strung with nylon.
  • The legal depth of a woman’s lacrosse stick pocket can be determined with this simple step: The top of the lacrosse ball, when placed in the pocket, must remain above the top edge of the sidewall.
  • Women’s lacrosse pockets are shallower than men’s pockets. Pockets must have four to five thongs and no more than 2 shooting strings.

Women's Lacrosse Stick Heads

The right lacrosse head will make a difference in your game. Defense will want a stiffer head to stand up to checking, with a flat scoop to allow for easier ground balls. Attack and midfield players will want a lightweight head for switching hands and quick shooting, with a narrower throat to help with ball control.

Look at the chart below for a breakdown by skill level.

League Regulations: Please check your local youth league for a complete list of league rules and guidelines for high school and youth lacrosse.