Tennis 101: How to Grip a Forehand

In order to execute a successful forehand, you’ll first need to learn how to properly grip your racquet.

The forehand is one of the most common shots in tennis and is essential as you progress in learning the basics of the sport. In fact, this is one of the first shots a novice player learns how to carry out.

As players grow in the sport, it can become a part of their personal arsenal and something they build their strategy in a match around.

But it all starts with how you grip your racquet.

To properly grip for a forehand, you must first understand the build of a tennis racquet. The racquet’s grip is not circular but instead shaped like an octagon. It is developed this way to help you find the right grip for your shot.

As you prepare to hit a forehand, place your hand directly on top of the grip. You will then need to turn it one notch to the right. This movement will put your hand in the correct position as you prepare to swing robustly.

Building a foundation of knowledge and skill is important to any sport. Once you’ve aced the forehand grip, you’re ready to home in on and further develop your technique on the court.