Signature Soccer Moves: The Zig Zag

The zig zag is a simple, two-step move that gets you around a defender. Learn the zig zag soccer drill with this how-to video.

The essence of misdirection is to make them think you’re going one way when you’re really going the other. There may be no better way to do this on the soccer field than the zig zag.

The zig zag is a great two-touch soccer move that helps get you around a defender.

As you approach the defender, tap the ball to the inside of one foot. Then quickly use the inside of the other foot to immediately kick it in the other direction. Pursue and gain control of the ball. Be sure to practice the zig zag in both directions.

This simple move is great for players of all skill levels and can be highly effective on the pitch — master it with the help of this how-to video.