Stocking Stuffers for Cyclists

Get your gift giving in gear with stocking stuffers perfect for your favorite cyclist.

The holiday clock is counting down and you need gift ideas for your most valuable bicyclist. With this special occasion in mind, we’ve prepared a list of stocking stuffer accessories to help get your wheels spinning. Find the best small gifts for cyclists with this guide.


After 200+ years of development, bicycles have become complex machines with a bunch of tiny moving parts that need upkeep.

No bicyclist should be without a multi-tool like a utility knife or even a micro bike tool, designed specifically for bikes. Look for a pocket-sized multi-tool that includes a variety of extensions for making changes to a bike’s settings on the go.

Traveling on two wheels means they have to be cared for, so gifts like an air pump, hand pump or a tire inflator with a CO2 cartridge are must-haves to keep both their tires — and the holidays — from falling flat. Whatever method they choose to fill them, they’ll require a tire gauge to measure air pressure. A repair patch and a new bike tube are also practical gifts to consider.

Wear and tear can happen on other parts of their bike, too. Chain lube should be applied regularly to a bike chain, and a chain tool can help do minor replacements of links or a whole chain. Your cyclist may also want to replace their worn handlebar grip, for added comfort and control.


For the dedicated bicyclist, or even beginners hoping to get a leg up, a new set of apparel can make a difference when it comes to performance and comfort.

Look for apparel that’s designed for the ride like bike shorts, cycling T-shirts and socks. Meanwhile, in colder weather, cycling gloves, packable windbreakers and arm warmers can provide the added warmth necessary for long and short rides.

In addition, a hat with a brim and sunglasses are great accessories for those sunny days, helping your loved one stay focused on the path ahead.


On longer rides, it’s important for bikers to stay hydrated and energized. With this in mind, there are convenient consumables, like energy gels, that will easily fit in pockets, saddle bags and other tight spots.

Plus, a new water bottle is always a great gift to give, as is a pack of energy or protein bars.


It’s essential that cyclists always stay visible, especially on rides in low light or at night. A bike light or reflective gear like bracelets, vests or harnesses can help do so. The cyclist in your life can also jingle all the way with a bike bell to make others more aware of his presence on the road or trail.

Round out these safety needs with a small first-aid kit for bumps and scrapes and an anti-chafing balm to help protect the skin from the blisters and irritation caused by friction. Finally, find a bike lock to help keep his or her investment secure so it — and they — can reach their final destination.


Consider these little luxuries to take your favorite bicyclist’s ride to the next level.

A saddle bag is great to carry small items along for the ride and can attach to seat posts and saddle rails. A bottle cage is a convenient accessory that attaches to the bike frame and allows the bicyclist to keep a water bottle close during the whole ride.

And don’t forget about tech gear that can track distance and calculate things like heart rate and temperature gauges. An odometer or bike computer can measure trip time and speed at their most basic, while a fitness tracker includes features like Bluetooth connectivity.

There are a whole bunch of awesome accessories for bicyclists that can fit right into a stocking. Whether you want to add to your cyclist’s collection of gear or offer up some accessories, this list can help you give them a grand tour of gifts this holiday season.

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Stocking Stuffers for Cyclists