Volleyball Serving Tips: Short Serve

This serve can be used to attack your opponent’s passing formations or avoid an elite hitter.

Having a short serve is great for teams to tactically use to expose weaknesses in the opposing team’s passing formations. It can also be used to help slow down or even stop a hitter who is causing your team difficulty.

There are two styles of serving short:

  • In the first, you’re going to make contact with the ball and then pull your hand back. This will help you to stop your follow through.
  • With the second, you’re going to stop your follow through immediately on contact, almost as if you’re pausing as soon as you hit the ball. As long as you stop your follow through, you’ll be able to have a short serve.

Having multiple serves is a great way to throw off opponents, ultimately giving your team an advantage.

Mastering several styles of serves can help you become a more effective player on the volleyball court. Try adding the float serve to your arsenal to disrupt your opponent’s offense.