Wrestling Techniques: Collar Tie Contact

Having good collar tie contact can help get you into position to score points.

Wresting is a contact sport. No matter if you’re performing a single leg takedown, cinching up on a headlock or going for a pin, there’s a level of physicality.

One of the most physically exerting aspects of the sport is the tie-up. Tie-ups can be a way for you to wear your opponent down to set up your offense. If you can control a certain part of their body, you can put your opponent in a position to give up points.

Working on your tie-ups in practice can help lead to success during matches. This can start with collar tie contact.

“You can use collar tie contact to take control of your opponent and to move them out of position,” Division I coach and former collegiate wrestler Kyle Borshoff says.


There are three key components of collar tie contact. Remember to:

  • Attack your opponent’s wrist on the lead-leg side with your hand.
  • Attack their collar with your opposite hand.
  • Your forearm should be blocking their shoulder.

It’s important to work on your tie-ups in practice. Outside of collar tie contact, you can use controlled ties to get into a dominant position. These include both inside and outside ties.

Remember to work on your offensive skills in practice so that you can be ready to dominate the mat. Your penetration step can be the first part of setting up a successful attack. The fake to snap can knock your opponent to the ground, giving you an advantage as you remain standing.