How to Own an Athletic Stance this Baseball Season

Having a great athletic stance will allow you to be focused and ready to react at a moment’s notice.

The “athletic stance” is likely a term you have heard often. So, what does it mean? When you are in an athletic stance you should have your feet a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. Your knees should be bent with your weight on the balls of your feet. Slightly bend at the waist with a slight angle in your back, leaning forward.  You should be loose and relaxed all the way from your feet, to your fingers, to your upper body.

You will take this athletic stance many times while playing the game.  Slight variations of this stance will be used:

  1. When running the bases – An athletic stance is important when leading off a base, preparing to run.
  2. While on defense – Infielders and outfielders should be in an athletic stance ready for the pitch to be delivered.
  3. After delivering a pitch – Pitchers should finish in this position, ready to field the ball.
  4. Hitting – While they want to be more upright with less bend in their waist, players should have their feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with their knees bent and their arms and hands relaxed.