Baseball Baserunning Skills: Always Advancing

Stay hungry on the diamond and look to stretch for that extra base with these baserunning Pro Tips.

Every man on base is a potential run for your team. Your odds of scoring increase with each bag you advance. So, having an aggressive mindset can help improve your odds on the basepaths.


Once you’ve rounded first and safely reached base, you shouldn’t get complacent in your running. Make an aggressive turn toward second base as if you know you’re going to take the bag.

“By doing so, we apply pressure on the defense and force them to make a clean play, but quickly take advantage of any errors,” former professional baseball player CJ Beatty says.

Stretching a single into a double, or a double into a triple, can be a boost to your team’s offensive output. Having a runner in scoring position can help open the door for more opportunities to post runs on the board. This is all the result of staying hungry and aggressive, always looking to advance.

Follow these Pro Tips and build your team’s momentum, one extra base at a time.

While advancing is a key rule to baserunning, it’s important to remember to work as hard backside as you do frontside.