Baseball Baserunning Skills: Hard 90s

Be aggressive between the bases this season with these helpful baserunning Pro Tips.

When running the bases, you shouldn’t have a low gear. In addition to helping you leg out those bang-bang plays, consistently running hard can put more pressure on your opponent. This mindset of never taking your foot off the pedal is what’s known as “Hard 90s.” This is in reference to the length of the basepaths and how long your sprints should be.

“We’ve all hit a weak ground ball before, but the difference between a good baserunner and someone just going through the motions is running hard despite the situation,” former professional baseball player CJ Beatty says.


Keeping a Hard 90s mindset can help put added pressure on the defense. By running hard to the base, your opponents must make clean plays and hurry their actions to record an out. This rush can force defensive errors and, in turn, create momentum for your team.

A Hard 90s mentality can help you stay aggressive while also showcasing your character. Use these tips to flash your hustle this season and give it your all between the bags.

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