Baseball Baserunning Skills: Never Making the First or Third Out at Third Base

Find out why it’s important to avoid making the first or third out so close to home.

Everyone wants to take as many bases as possible when running around the diamond. It can be fun to stretch a double into a triple, not to mention a huge morale booster. But there are some instances, however, where a more conservative approach is necessary.

While a triple can boost morale, making the first or third out at third base can have a negative effect on a team.


“It’s crucial for us to run with our head up and try to find the third base coach when the ball’s behind us,” former professional baseball player CJ Beatty says.

Keying in on your third base coach can help you focus on running the bases. Also, this can allow you to make a smart decision to hold or advance.

“We want to play the game intelligently, so make sure [you] know the number of outs and never make the first or third out at third,” Beatty adds.

Playing smart baseball can lead to production out of your offense. Don’t push your luck between the bases when there’s no need to. Follow these tips and let situational baseball come to fruition.

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