How to Hit a Ball Thrown Outside

Hitters own the entire plate, including the outside corners. Learn how to take the ball toward the opposite field and cover the entire strike zone with these helpful batting tips.

It’s important for batters to know how to hit the ball on the right spot, which is called the contact point. To do so, you need to let the ball travel to the area where you can make the most solid contact. You don’t want to be out in front of a pitch, resulting in a weak pop-up, fly ball or a ground ball.

For pitches thrown outside, this contact point will be deeper in the hitting zone, farther back toward the catcher. It should also be about even with your belt buckle or belly button. You need to be patient and let the ball get to this point. To work on this, set up in your normal batting stance, where you usually stand in relation to home plate. You can then move the tee to be on the outer part of the plate, even with your belt buckle or belly button.

Even though the pitch is away from you, you don’t want to step toward the pitch. You still want to step straight toward the pitcher, maintaining good balance and body position. By taking your normal swing, you should make solid contact with the barrel on the baseball.

Pitchers at all levels try very hard to throw balls on the outer part of the plate. As a hitter, you need to be able control that side of the plate and drive balls the other way. Learn how to hit a ball thrown inside and down the middle as well.

Remember, the pitcher determines where you hit the ball. If the throw is outside, you want to let the ball travel far enough, go with the pitch and hit a line drive to the opposite field.