Baseball Catcher Tips: Communication is Key

Catchers are the field generals of the diamond. Learn how to have your messages heard loud and clear and not be lost in translation.

You have outfielders scanning for balls, infielders watching the runners, a pitcher looking for weaknesses and a coach analyzing everything. How does it all work together? How does a team become something organized and engaging? The answer is communication.

And catchers are a big component of keeping the game in sync.


Communication on the field is crucial. You need to communicate on a fly ball, ground ball or relay so that fielders know where to make plays. Catchers lead this objective. You need to be loud, in charge and know where each player should be on every play. This will give the defense the confidence to execute plays successfully.

It is also important to talk in between innings with your pitcher, especially if there is a mix-up regarding signs.


As players progress in age and ability, catchers and pitchers should review the batters they will be facing from the other team and their approach during the next inning.  You should also talk with the coaching staff to make sure all players are in the right spot and the team is executing plays correctly.

By being a good communicator on the field and taking control of the game, you can help lead your team to a victory and, ultimately, a winning season.