Baseball Coaching Tips: The Benefits of Positive Coaching

As a coach, you're the leader of the team. Make sure you set the tone for success by boosting team morale and building confidence in your players.

One way to make sure players fall in love with the game and continue to play is by making it an enjoyable experience that creates a fun atmosphere and builds confidence. Inherently, this is a game of failure and young players can be especially hard on themselves.

Your job as a coach should be to boost that confidence and help them deal with any failure they experience.  Yelling out to a player when they have made a mistake isn’t the right way to bring out their best performance. This can embarrass them in front of their teammates, friends and parents. You should prefer to have private one-on-one teaching moments in-between innings or after the game. This is more valuable to the player’s development.  They are able to pay more attention in this one-on-one setting and learn from their mistake, which will help them improve the next time they go out on the field.

Overall, stay positive. Remember, coaches set the tone for players’ success!