Baseball Coaching Tips: How to Throw for Batting Practice

It's especially important for young players to feel confident when at the plate. Learn how you can prepare them during practice to hit on gameday.

Coaches love to help their young players as much as possible. One way is through a slight change to the players’ batting practice routine. It’s beneficial for younger players when coaches get down to their level and throw from their knee.

This can lead to more strikes since the coach can be more accurate than a player. It will create a more realistic release point for them. It also will eliminate balls coming in at a very high trajectory, which could promote an uphill or upper cut bat path. You want your players to work on swinging at good pitches (strikes, not balls) with proper mechanics.

By getting a bit closer to home plate, taking a knee and acting almost like you are throwing darts, the trajectory will be more level. This will lead to a higher percentage of solid contact from your players. This should create more confidence and overall enjoyment in the game, ultimately leading to success on the field. A slight change can go a long way to building a better player.