Baseball Fielding Tips For Practice

It is said that defense wins championships. The perfect defense starts in each practice. Watch our video to get some fielding tips that can help make you a standout fielder on the diamond.

Anytime you’re in the field, ask yourself this question: Where am I going with the ball if it is hit to me? This means knowing where baserunners are, how many outs there are, and which inning you’re in. All of these aspects of the game can influence your decision on what to do with the ball if it is hit to you.

Since defensive baseball is all about movement, keeping your knees bent and balancing on the balls of your feet is important. This defensive stance will help you move quickly to field the ball in the center of your body. Having your knees bent allows you to attack the baseball instead of waiting for the baseball to come to you. Watch the ball enter your glove and pull it toward your body to transfer the ball into your hand.

Once the ball is in your hand, make a strong and accurate throw by getting your momentum moving toward the base you are throwing to. Follow through on your throw and make it accurate so you are aiming for the other player’s chest. A good first baseman will always give you a nice large target to throw toward.