Baseball Hitting Skills: Where to Set the Hands

Get a grip on your hitting with these tips and find out where your hands should sit in your stance.

It seems like a no-brainer, but determining where to set your hands in your batting stance can be difficult. An uncomfortable setup can spell trouble for hitters. So, it’s important to feel good in your stance, beginning with your hands.

Former professional baseball player Steve Bernhardt has a quick and simple drill that can help you locate that premier hand position.


According to Bernhardt, you can find where to set your hands with just a few movements. First, step into the batter’s box and grip your bat normally. Next, take three swings at hip level with your barrel pointed down. These shouldn’t be full swings, but more like you’re finding your rhythm in the box.

“On the third [swing] let your hands swing up to a comfortable spot in the vicinity of the back shoulder,” Bernhardt says. This should put your hands in a natural spot that is both comfortable and effective. Take a few swings from this position to ensure you’re in the proper stance. “Your swing should be quick, strong and efficient from there,” Bernhardt adds.

Confidence at the plate begins with being comfortable in the box. Having the correct hand placement can go a long way in making sure you’re relaxed and ready for the pitch. Swing away with these Pro Tips and get ready to do some damage in the box.