Baseball Infielder Tips: How to Position Yourself to Receive the Ball

Three quick tips to field the ball like a pro.

The fielding position is a cornerstone for an infielder and there are three key things to keep in mind when positioning yourself.

The first is to get a low base with your feet spread apart, knees bent and back flat. Make sure you have good balance and body control.

The next key is to get your hands out in front of your body. This is where you want to secure the ball, and by having both hands out in front, you are ready to make the play.

The last key is to track the ball all the way into the glove with your eyes. This will allow you to concentrate on making a clean play.

Keep these three factors in mind to properly execute plays and become a better infielder.

Once you’ve mastered the correct position, make sure to practice receiving the ball in the infield with these three helpful drills.