Baseball Outfielder Tips: How to Throw from the Outfield

Use momentum, control and a low, strong throw to get the out.

Strong, accurate throws are crucial for outfielders. The keys to making a successful throw are proper body control and positioning, throwing the ball with four seams and keeping the throw low, hitting the cutoff.

To create a strong throw, use your entire body to create momentum. This will allow you to lessen the stress on your arm, while getting a more accurate throw to your target. Throwing the ball with four seams will allow you to have better control of the ball as well.

Lastly, by keeping the ball low, you will ensure that the relay person catches it. Getting the ball to the relay person will allow them to be able to throw to another base, potentially getting a runner out. If you overthrow your cutoff, you eliminate your options for making a play at the right base.

For every throw, know how many outs there are, what the score is and the speed of the base runners. Strong, accurate throws can make the difference in keeping runs off the scoreboard, and ultimately help your team to victory.