Baseball Pro Tips: Batting Practice with Bryce Harper

Find out how all-star outfielder Bryce Harper structures his batting practice schedule with these hitting Pro Tips.

Being the best at your game doesn’t happen overnight. Every great athlete has a routine they follow in order to train and perfect their craft. A good example for baseball players would be how they structure their batting drills. Different baseball hitting drills can help you work on various aspects of your swing. All-star outfielder Bryce Harper shares his batting tips to give insight on how he fine-tunes his hitting approach.


“When I get to the field each day, I come in probably 45 minutes before the game,” Harper says. From there, he dives into a multitude of baseball drills to get his swing ready.

The first baseball hitting drill Harper jumps into is top hand/bottom hand. This exercise has athletes swing a miniature bat, isolating either their top or bottom hand to stress barrel control. You can perform this batting drill off the tee or during front toss or soft toss sessions. Harper notes he takes five swings with each hand.

“And then I’ll take that little bat. Swing full hacks off a tee with [it] five times,” he adds.

Once he’s done with the miniature bat, Harper moves onto his walking swings with a heavy bat. “Very smooth. Standard left side of the cage, trying to treat the flips like they’re flips,” he says.

After completing his walking swings, Harper likes to take regular swings off the tee, still with the heavy bat. Harper uses these hacks to work on the outer third of the plate, practicing hitting balls that need to be taken to opposite field. You can personalize this to fit your hitting needs. The all-star outfielder then finishes off his hitting session using his regular bat five times.


A major component to Harper’s batting practice routine is staying consistent with his exercises. A solid foundation of drills can help you progress without mixing in a myriad of workouts.

“You can always get better, of course, but stick with your plan that got you there. Stick with what works for you. You’re an athlete for a reason. Be that athlete,” Harper says.

Finding a routine and sticking to it can help you find success in the batter’s box. Take inspiration from Bryce Harper’s regimen or build your own powerhouse batting practice with these Pro Tips.

Coming up clutch begins with understanding how and where to take the ball. Listen as Bryce Harper shares his insight on driving the ball with these batting Pro Tips.