The Benefits of Baseball Chest Protection

Looking for the right protective gear for your game? Use these baseball Pro Tips to learn more.

Players are taught at a young age to always pay close attention during a game so they don’t risk injury. Although this is great advice, it’s always best to increase your level of safety on the field by wearing the right baseball protective gear.

One piece of equipment a player can take advantage of is chest protection. These are lightweight compression shirts that have ultra-durable pads to help absorb the impact of a baseball. These shirts are an effective way to protect yourself if you happen to mishandle or misread a line drive or take a wild pitch when you’re at the plate.

These shirts fit snugly around the player’s torso for maximum comfort and mobility. Most chest protection compression shirts also offer antimicrobial technology as well as the ability to wick away sweat from the body, so you can stay cool and dry.

Some brands also offer more customized padding. This is possible by taking a soft, gel-like product and forming it to your chest until a hard protective shell forms. This helps increase protection as well as comfort.

When it comes to selecting a chest protection compression shirt, all you have to do is select the size that best suits you; most range from extra-small to extra-large. However, if you pick a product that offers the customized molding, you’ll want to measure your chest size and take your weight so you can properly gauge which size is best for you.

Also, remember to check with league officials to see if chest protection is required to be worn during games. However, even if your league doesn’t require chest protection, it never hurts to own that extra level of protection. We recommend suiting up with chest protection gear so you can focus on playing your best without any distractions.