Best Baseball Gloves for 2020

Don’t let anything get by you. Take the field with one of our top-selling baseball gloves for 2020.

At the advanced levels of baseball, the game moves fast. In the field, you have to be ready for scorching line drives, skipping grounders, sky-high pop-ups and screaming fly balls. So, you’ll need a glove that will get the job done – a glove that will handle the ball cleanly and securely every time it comes your way.

If you’re looking to upgrade your defense with some new leather, start with this list of the best baseball gloves for 2020. These are currently the top-selling glove series available at DICK’S Sporting Goods, and each comes highly recommended by our equipment experts:

  1. Wilson A2000 Series
  2. Rawlings GG Elite Series
  3. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series
  4. Wilson A2K Series
  5. Rawlings Pro Preferred Series
  6. Mizuno Pro Series
  7. Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series

Read on to learn more about each glove series and to see the top-selling styles for each position.

1. Wilson A2000 Series

Wilson A2000 Series
The A2000 – designed with insights from hundreds of major leaguers, college players and elite travel players – currently ranks as the best-selling glove series at DICK’S in 2020. The A2000 debuted way back in 1957 as the first “modern” baseball glove and set the standard for all gloves that would follow. Unlike its predecessors, which were essentially glorified padded mitts, the A2000 was the first glove to feature a “hinge” between the thumb and forefinger allowing players to open and close the glove on command – the same basic concept players enjoy today.

The latest A2000 gloves feature Wilson’s Pro Stock Leather, a patented material made from premium American Steerhide. Wilson also adds two pieces of leather along each finger back – a technique called “Dual Welting” – to ensure the glove maintains its form after you break it in. Finally, A2000 gloves feature an ultra-breathable wrist lining to keep your hand dry and cool throughout the game.

The A2000 is available for every position. Here are the top-selling styles for each:

To learn more about the Wilson glove-making process, check out our interview with Wilson Glove Guru Shigeaki Aso.

2. Rawlings GG Elite Series

Rawlings GG Elite Series

Exclusive to DICK’S Sporting Goods, the Rawlings Gold Glove Elite series offers players premium performance at a more affordable price. The Pro Soft leather shell provides long-lasting durability and a less-stiff feel, which means a shorter break-in period. The American-made leather laces are the same ones used in the majors, and the finger linings are padded to better absorb impact.

If any company knows about Gold Glove performance, it’s Rawlings. After all, Rawlings created the Gold Glove Award in 1957 – an accolade that continues to honor the best fielders in baseball more than six decades later.

DICK’S carries GG Elite Series glove for every position. Here are the top sellers:

3. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series

Rawlings Heart of the Hide
Heart of the Hide is one of the most recognizable gloves in baseball, trusted by some of the game’s finest fielders. What really sets these gloves apart is their premium leather construction. Each Heart of the Hide glove is made with top-grade U.S. steerhide to provide players with optimum fit, feel and durability.

If you need to get a glove game-ready ASAP, consider the Heart of the Hide R2G. “R2G” stands for “Ready to Go,” and it sure is. This glove comes 65 percent broken in, so you can get it on the field faster. Plus, R2G gloves have an updated heel pad designed to close easier, further reducing the stiffness typical of new gloves.

Check out the top-selling Heart of the Hide gloves for each position:

4. Wilson A2K Series

Wilson A2K Series
Wilson checks in again on our list, this time with the A2K. So, what exactly are the differences between the A2K and the A2000? They are both extremely popular, pro-caliber gloves used by top major leaguers, but the A2K is made with higher-quality materials. To make the A2K, Wilson uses only its very best leather. In fact, it’s triple-checked for consistency and flawlessness.

The A2K also has an extra piece of leather between the palm and outer shell to ensure the glove maintains its shape for the long haul. Finally, Wilson’s glove craftsmen spend three times longer shaping the A2K at the factory, greatly reducing your break-in period.

These are the top-selling A2K gloves by position:

5. Rawlings Pro Preferred Series

Rawlings Pro Preferred
Pro Preferred is the third Rawlings glove series to appear on our list of top sellers. So, what sets it apart from the others? While the GG Elite offers great value and Heart of the Hide provides premium performance, the Pro Preferred is the highest-quality Rawlings glove available.

There are two features that put the Pro Preferred on a different level. First, Pro Preferred gloves are made with kip leather; an incredibly soft, supple leather that essentially creates a customized pocket for each player during the break-in period. Next, Rawlings places a premium sheepskin liner in each Pro Preferred glove that wicks away sweat to keep your hand cool and dry. Pro Preferred offers a fit and feel unlike anything else in the Rawlings lineup.

Pro Preferred gloves are available in sizes for each position:

6. Mizuno Pro Series

The Pro Series is Mizuno’s premium glove line. The shell and palm feature American-sourced kip leather that’s meticulously tanned and crafted in Japan to give players an incredible look and feel.

By studying the game-used gloves of hundreds of professionals, Mizuno’s master craftsmen discovered the optimum length and depth for each position on the field. Pro Series gloves come with a pre-formed pocket based on these insights.

Here are the top-selling Mizuno Pro Series gloves by position:

7. Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft
If you’re a traditionalist, then you’ll love the throwback look of the Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series. The naturally pre-oiled leather breaks in quickly and gives the glove an old-school appearance. Pro Series gloves also include an ultra-soft liner that gives players added protection on hard-hit balls.

Pro Series gloves are available in a variety of pro-inspired patterns designed for optimum performance at each position:

Need more help making your selection? Check out our Pro Tips guide on How to Buy the Right Baseball Glove