Kris Bryant’s Tips on Game Day Preparation

Being prepared is half the battle when it comes to finding success on the baseball diamond. Find out how Kris Bryant prepares himself for the trials of a game with this Pro Tips rundown.

Most athletes have a rhythm that they like to keep, whether it’s a set schedule or a normal routine. This can allow an athlete to get into a groove so they can perform at their best with a heightened sense of confidence. For baseball players, that groove can translate to success on the diamond in a big way, and it starts with a pre-game warmup routine.

All-star third baseman Kris Bryant stresses the value of being prepared. “I think preparation is the biggest part of playing the game. For me, I try to do the same exact thing every day.”

To that end, Bryant says that after he gets to the ballpark and eats a quick meal, he transitions into a pre-game stretch. He’ll then do some work in the batting cage and watch video on the opposing pitcher to better prepare himself for the game’s at-bats.

“Then we go out for some batting practice where, you know, you kind of get yourself loose,” he says. “Take some ground balls, throw some across the diamond. Hit some home runs for the fans, and then get back in, take a shower, get stretched out before the game.”

Getting into a rhythm before the first pitch can help you prepare for the game ahead. Bryant’s routine is a good example of how to ease into game mode and to make sure you’re relaxed, stretched and ready to take the field with confidence.

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