Kris Bryant’s Tips on Preparing Mentally for the On-Deck Circle

Clear your mind and step to the plate with drive and anticipation. Learn how to approach the dish with a purpose using these tips from all-star third baseman Kris Bryant.

Hitting and pitching is the quintessential clash in baseball. One athlete tries to maneuver the ball past the other with speed, movement and control. The other is trying to put a well-hit ball in play. From the batter’s perspective, all your attention needs to be on the pitched ball. In order to make a quality swing on it, you have to be zoned in. That is why having a clear mind when you get to the batter’s box is the key to a solid at-bat.

Champion third baseman Kris Bryant understands the importance of stepping to the plate with a clear head. For him, his thought purge begins at the on-deck circle. “That’s the place where I get all my thoughts out of my head because when I’m stepping into the box, I don’t want to be thinking too much.”

In order to find that Zen once he crosses the chalk, Bryant does a lot of “formulating” regarding who he is about to face. “What’s their best pitch? Where do they like to throw the ball? It’s a lot of going over my history with pitchers,” he says.

Through sizing up the pitcher, Bryant says that his confidence will be high if he knows he’s done well against this specific player. “But if you don’t do well against a certain player, you’re formulating what you’re going to do [in order] to do well against him.”

Having a clear mind at the plate can help you focus on getting your pitch and making the most of it. Clear your thoughts and clear the bases with this home run of an approach to the batter’s box.

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