Marlon Byrd on Key Items to Look for When Training New Athletes

Learn how to match the baseball workout to the player with these tips from the former all-star outfielder.

Coaches and trainers routinely take on new players. With each new athlete comes a unique and unestablished skill level you must cater to. Former professional baseball player Marlon Byrd provides insight on how to build better athletes through incremental development. Follow these baseball coaching tips and make sure your roster progresses properly this season.


When it comes to training new athletes, it helps to understand what they initially bring to the table. You cannot get where you want to go if you don’t know where you’ve been. Understanding a player’s starting skill level can help you gauge their training and build the right athletic workout for them.

“If a guy has a skill level of a one, don’t expect him [to get] to a 10 right away,” Byrd says. “A guy that’s a seven, can’t expect the same thing. Understand what you have in front of you as the athlete, and you have to be patient.”

Byrd also notes that step-by-step growth is a good, desirable place to be. According to the former pro, if your athletes are improving little by little, you’re doing a good job.


Whenever you take your time as a coach, good things happen. Rushing a player through baseball workouts can be detrimental to their game. Allowing them to pick up skills at their own pace can be better for all parties. After all, as a coach, your focus should be on building better athletes, regardless of timeline.

“The goal is to develop them. There is nothing else but development,” Byrd adds.

By taking a more incremental approach, you can establish a better relationship with your athletes. Showing you’re invested in a player’s development can produce positive results as well. If you give the effort, the athletes will, too.

Having the right mindset when developing a new athlete is pivotal to their growth on the field. Use these tips to find the right schedule for both parties as you begin to train your future all-star.