Marlon Byrd on the Best Ways to Mix up Practice Routines

Bring a fresh take to your next baseball practice with these tips from the former all-star.

Baseball practice is a necessary component to in-game success. You can’t expect to perform on the diamond if you haven’t put in the training. But baseball practices can grow monotonous if you don’t change your routine every now and then.

Former professional baseball player Marlon Byrd has some tricks to keep you and your teammates on your toes during practice. Mixing in these baseball tips can help you stay energized throughout your training and keep the game fun.


A key area where you can add some variety to your baseball practice routine is in your fielding drills. Regardless of your position, there are plenty of exercises you can incorporate into your schedule.

One suggested exercise, according to Byrd, is the 27-out drill. This drill can be a challenging training routine to liven up your practices.

“You literally have to make every single out before you can bring it in,” he says. “So, balls hit to left field, make sure you’re hitting the cutoff man, throwing it to second base. When there’s a guy on first base, ball’s hit to shortstop. Making sure they’re turning the double play.”

The 27-out drill can be great for simulating in-game scenarios with its full-field setup. The quicker tempo and emphasis on execution can be the perfect jolt to a practice.

In addition, pitchers can also partake in the 27-out drill. This can get them involved in the action aside from their normal bullpen sessions. Another great way to mix up pitching drills is with pitcher’s fielding practice, according to Byrd.

“You have to implement it, but also you can make it fun when you add that in with the 27-out drill,” he says.


Baseball practice isn’t just about defensive skills and training. Your batting practice routine can become dull, too. Byrd notes that while you should utilize your time at the plate for situational hitting – hit-and-runs, bunts, hitting to contact – you should also have some fun with your swings.

“Make sure you let these boys swing it every now and then,” Byrd says. “You [have] to have your home run rounds; you have to have your hitting rounds. That’s going to allow you to really drive the ball and have fun during batting practice.”

Bringing a new vibe to your baseball practice can keep things fresh and fun this season. Use these Pro Tips to breathe new life into your training schedule.

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