Marlon Byrd on the Importance of Preseason Training

Learn from the former baseball pro as he explains why training in the offseason is important to your performance in-season.

To keep up with your competition on the diamond, it’s important to be at the top of your game. However, you can’t coast into your top speed; you need to be at your best from season’s start. Therefore, it’s important to have a strong preseason and offseason training routine established.

Former professional baseball player Marlon Byrd says being diligent with your baseball training all year can help maintain your competitive spirit. Use these Pro Tips to make sure you’re in-game shape from start to finish.


Times have changed and so have athletes. No longer can you expect to be ready to perform at your best after a few weeks of preseason workouts. Byrd notes that players walking into spring training with the intention of getting in shape can fall behind quickly.

“Now, the way the game works is when you come into spring training you have to be ready to play,” he adds.

To take advantage of your skill set, it’s important to come into your preseason with a solid foundation. Be sure to put the reps in to get stronger, both physically and mentally, and recover from any lingering injuries. The effort you give when you’re not in-season can heavily dictate your performance next season.


While there needs to be an emphasis on offseason baseball workouts, there still remains a difference in intensity. After all, it is the offseason for a reason.

Byrd says that during the season, it’s important to focus on the game at hand. “You’re just playing. You’re still getting your training in and you’re trying to maintain everything that you built in the offseason. That means eating well and getting your regimen in,” he says.

Once your season closes, your offseason training comes into focus. “That’s where we get stronger. That’s where we get our minds right for the long grind. That’s where we heal,” Byrd says.

Offseason training can include anything from time in the batting cage to weight training programs. Take those months to determine what you need to improve on and develop your routine accordingly. You can even ask your coach or trainer to see where your focus should be.

Your preseason training can be a great time to gain an edge on your opponents. Understand your goals and commit to success with these baseball training Pro Tips.