How to Stay Focused When Throwing a Baseball

Take your game of catch as serious as you would a throw during a game. Staying focused during this down time can be a driving force in upping your play and field presence.

It’s important to maintain concentration during a round of catch so that it translates into your game play.


You can add a little competition to stay concentrated during a round of catch. For example, if a player catches the ball directly in front of their chest, that throw would be worth two points. If they catch the ball slightly higher, roughly around the neck line, it would be worth one point. Errant throws away from your catch partner would be worth zero points. Pick a point total to start and the first player to reach that goal with proper, on-target throws wins.

If you’re an infielder or outfielder, you should incorporate game-like situations when playing catch as well. An example would be mixing in a ground ball, throwing the runner out at first base or throwing the runner out at home to close out the game.

Keeping catch entertaining can allow you to pay more attention and develop a better technique.