Basketball Ball Handling: Stationary Crossover

Stationary crossovers can help ball handlers with change of direction and deceiving defensive players.

All that’s between you and the basket is one defender. With the right move, you can blow past them and score some much-needed points for your team.

That’s when you’ll want a strong crossover in your arsenal.

The crossover is an essential move used by many ball handlers. A strong crossover can help with change of direction, as well as deceiving a defensive player.

The first crossover a player should learn is the stationary crossover, which is used to transfer the ball from one side of the body to the other.


Begin in an athletic stance and dribble the basketball with the pads of your fingers. Keep the ball low as you transfer it from your right hand to your left hand and back. To do this successfully:

  • Push the ball at an angle instead of straight down as you would when maintaining your dribble with one hand. This will cause the ball to bounce near the middle of your body and transition from one side of your body to the other.
  • The ball should stay below your knees as it goes from one hand to the other.
  • Your off-hand should stay close to the ball to protect it from a defensive player who might try to reach in.

When used effectively, your crossover moves can give you a chance to beat your defender in the half court or full court.

To further your stationary ball-handling skills, add the Crossover Tournament Drill to your workout.