Basketball Drills: 3-Minute Timed Shooting

Prepare for game-like situations and develop stronger, more consistent shooting skills.

Former University of Pittsburgh point guard and current DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate Nick Rivers is here to teach you how to become a better overall shooter. In order to sink more baskets, Rivers recommends the 3-Minute Timed Shooting Drill, which builds off of the 5-Spot Shooting Drill. 


  • Basketball
  • Timer
  • Shooting journal to track your progress and improvement

Before you begin the drill, make sure to set your timer to notify when you’ve reached three minutes. Start by positioning yourself beneath the basket, facing toward center court.

Toss the ball in front of you and chase after it. Wherever you grab the ball is where you are going to shoot from. After you shoot, snag your rebound and toss it to a different spot on the court. Keep choosing a different direction to shoot from even if you missed your last shot. Throw the ball, catch it and elevate for the shot. Follow the ball, rebound and throw to a different spot. Continue to move from spot to spot at full pace for three minutes, whether you make the previous shot or not.

When performing this drill, remember to use your imagination and throw the ball to a spot where you think you’ll have to shoot from during a game. If you’re a versatile shooter, make sure to switch up your shot locations.

After your time is up, break out your journal and record how many shots you made. Make sure to do this daily so you can see your progress and improvement from day one to day 100.

You’ll need to be prepared to shoot when you’re fatigued, when you’re under pressure and be able to make big-time shots. This drill is great practice to simulate game situations and better prepare you as a shooter.