Basketball Drills: Dribbling Race Track

Improve your ball-handling skills with each lap in this basketball dribbling exercise.

Dribbling is an essential basketball skill all players must develop. By being able to move the ball effectively, you can help raise your game across the court.

To help develop your ball-handling skills, try the Dribbling Race Track Drill. This exercise can help improve your dribbling in a fun and competitive environment.

“I really believe the better you dribble the ball, the better overall player you will be,” Hall of Fame high school basketball coach Tim McConnell says. “You will shoot it better. You’ll pass it better. Your confidence in your game will be through the roof.”


To set up the drill, place several chairs in a circle. You’ll then move around the circle and use a variety of dribbles to avoid the chairs.

The drill can start with some pretty basic dribbles:

As you get more comfortable, you can increase the challenge of the moves in the drill.

“Then we’ll move into some advanced [dribbling],” McConnell says. “We’ll do some V-dribbles into a crossover. We’ll do some between-the-legs, behind-the-back [dribbling]. We’ll do some inside-out, between-the-legs [dribbling], and just different drills that will help you to become better and help you to become a better basketball player.”

Dribbling with confidence can be the foundation to overall success on the hardwood.

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