Basketball Drills: Move That Ball Drill

Learn how to keep your ball handling and court awareness up and your body down with this two-person drill.

Basketball camp director and college coach Donnie Arey has a quick drill for you and a fellow teammate that will sharpen your ball handling under pressure from pesky defenders, help with keeping a “low-tight” handle, and boost your court awareness while the ball is in your hands.


You and your partner will line up on opposite lane lines facing each other. Both of you will try to perform as many quick, fluid crossovers as possible. It doesn’t matter which style of crossover, just as long as you keep going. There is an additional challenge, however.

Your coach will introduce a third basketball and it’s your job to keep it rolling between you and your partner. You can’t stop doing your crossovers, though, or the drill won’t be as challenging.


To make the drill even more challenging, your coach can swap out that third basketball for a tennis ball. You’ll need to focus even harder and stay even lower now that there’s a smaller, less visible object moving between you and your teammate.

Try to keep moving your body as the tennis ball approaches you. This could help you get a better angle on it so you can swat it back toward your partner. To get the most out of the drill. don’t stop executing your crossovers.

This drill is designed to improve all of the fundamentals of being a good ball handler: staying low, improving court awareness and keeping your head up, using your off hand to protect the ball, and making quick and elusive moves with the ball.

Whether you’re using a tennis ball or a basketball, this drill helps to create a great environment between teammates. Keep the rally going, and if you get on a hot streak, it’ll be even more fun and beneficial for everyone involved.

Add this and other basketball drills to your next practice to help your team dominate on the court this season.