Basketball Drills: Point Guard Crossover

Use this drill to improve your ball-handling skills as you attack the basket.

For point guards, strong ball-handling ability is a must. You must be able to use your body and your skill to move the ball up the court and set up scoring opportunities.

If you want to improve your ball-handling skills, then try the Point Guard Crossover Drill. It can prepare you to use the crossover dribble as you attack the basket.

“When you use the crossover dribble, the most important thing is you use your body and you use your eyes,” Hall of Fame high school basketball coach Tim McConnell says. “You have to sell the move.”


To run this drill, you’ll need two cones and a chair. Set the chair up at the free-throw line and place the cones a few feet from each side of the chair at the elbows (where the free-throw line meets the lane line).

To perform the drill:

  • With the chair acting as a defender, dribble up to it.
  • Use a crossover dribble as you approach the chair.
  • Stay low and step tight into the chair. Avoid going wide, as this gives a defender time to recover.
  • Get to the basket with one dribble.
  • Finish with a layup.

“You can do this drill by yourself. You can do this drill with a friend. You can do this drill with your teammates,” McConnell says. “The more you practice and the better you handle the ball, the better the player you are going to become.”

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