Basketball Drills: Small Forward Chair Drill

Add another dimension to your offense by working on your jumper and layup in this conditioning drill.

The small forward position requires players to be versatile. They often need to be able to score in a variety of ways to successfully help their team.

To work on multiple skills at the same time, add the Small Forward Chair Drill to your practices. It will help you work on both your jumper and layup.

“We incorporate a layup and a jumper because, as a perimeter player, you don’t want to be one-dimensional,” says Suzie McConnell-Serio, a former coach and player at both the professional and Division I level. “We want you to be able to do more than one thing.”


To perform this drill, you’ll need two chairs on the court. Set one chair inside the elbow (where the free-throw line meets the lane line) and the other outside the three-point line. Place basketballs on both chairs.

To run through this drill:

  • Start on the block.
  • Come up the lane line.
  • Go around the first chair.
  • Grab the ball.
  • Shoot a jumper.
  • Turn and go to the second chair.
  • Grab the ball and rip it through.
  • Sweep, dribble once and attempt a layup.

“We do this multiple times,” McConnell-Serio says. “It is also a conditioning drill.”

To be a versatile small forward, you need to work on multiple aspects of your game in practice. The Small Forward Chair Drill can help make that a little easier.

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