Basketball Drills: The Box Drop Crossover with Paul Fabritz

Explosiveness can help you find success on the offensive end of the court. Adding this box drill to your workout could improve several of your offensive moves.

As you make your way into the frontcourt with the ball, a defender is hounding you all the way. The opposing player is in your face and not giving an inch.

That is when your explosiveness can help create an open shot.

One of the keys to success on offense in basketball can be your ability to create explosiveness. The Box Drop Crossover Drill can help take you to a new level. This crossover step drill begins with you standing on a box.

“Anytime we can add a box drop to our agility drills, it’s great because we’re loading up the muscles, we’re absorbing and we’re increasing our stretch reflex,” says Performance Enhancement Specialist Paul Fabritz, who trains professional basketball players. “And anytime we elicit that stretch reflex, that next movement is even more explosive.”


You will begin the drill on top of the box before dropping to the floor. As soon as your feet touch the ground, you’ll perform a crossover step. By working on this crossover step, it can help improve many of your offensive moves.

“Once I hit that crossover step, I am going to plant my feet, and then I’m going to stride out as far as I can, working on my stride length and really covering ground with that one step,” Fabritz says.

Working on this drill regularly can help boost your explosiveness, speed and agility on the hardwood. Fabritz shares even more tips and drills on explosiveness with the Split Stance Jump Drill.

Being explosive isn’t everything. You will also need to have endurance and ball handling. The Cross-Walk Drill can help you improve both of these in a competitive environment.