Basketball Driveway Drills: Beat the Pro

Improve your shooting skills with this exercise that challenges you to focus on form and release consistency.

When running through a one-person shooting drill, it can sometimes be challenging to replicate the pressure and tempo of a real game.

The Beat the Pro Drill can help change that. This shooting drill focuses on your shooting consistency as you try to hit at least seven shots in a row.

Before you get started, it can be helpful to set up your driveway with all the lines you would normally find on a court. Learn more with this Pro Tips guide on setting up your driveway basketball court.


To set up the drill, you’ll need to mark two spots on the court with chalk, cones or any objects you have handy.

“[It] could be your favorite two spots or two spots that you really want to work on with your game,” DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate and former Division I assistant basketball coach Derek Liebert says.

It can be helpful to have a partner collect the rebound and pass you the ball after your shot.

The drill is simple in theory. You’ll attempt shots from both cones. Start and take one shot at the first cone. You’ll then run to the second cone and alternate back and forth.

The scoring is when things can get tricky. The scoring system is:

  • Made shots are worth +1.
  • Missed shots are worth -2.

Your goal is to try and reach a score of +7. If you do, you “beat the pro.” But if your score hits -7, you’ll need to start the drill again.

“[Make] sure you are focused on the consistency and tempo of your shot and hitting multiple shots in a row,” Liebert says.

Continue to work through the drill until you can “beat the pro” in multiple spots.

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