Basketball Driveway Drills: Finish Through a Double Team

With the help of a pair of friends or teammates, you can use this exercise to practice scoring through contact.

All that stands between you and the basket is a defender. But as you go in for a layup, your opponent makes a play for the ball and you collide in the air.

This is why training to score through contact is so important. The Finishing Through a Double Team Drill can help you become more comfortable with driving toward the board through traffic.

“You’re never going to have a free layup at the rim,” DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate and former Division I assistant coach Derek Liebert says. “So, you always have to be comfortable absorbing contact and finishing over someone trying to block your shot.”

Before getting started, you may want to draw the lines of the court on your driveway to help complete this drill. Check out this Pro Tips guide on setting up your driveway court to make sure you have the correct measurements for the free-throw and three-point lines.


This advanced drill requires at least three athletes. One player will act as a ball handler while the other two play the role of defenders.

“The big key with this drill is to be comfortable with somebody on your hip and a weak-side defender coming over to block your shot,” Liebert says.

To perform the Finishing Through a Double Team Drill:

  • The ball handler starts on the wing with a defender one step behind on their inside hip.
  • A weak-side defender stands on the opposite block.
  • The ball handler initiates the drill by attacking the rim while the two defenders attempt a double team.
  • Complete 10 repetitions.

As the ball handler, you’ll need to be able to be aware of the defender on your hip and finish without fading away. You also have a few options when you go up for the basket, depending on the situation:

  • You can try to protect the ball with your inside arm while making the basket with your outside arm.
  • You can also rip through and attack from the other side of the rim if the weak-side defender commits too far.

“As you complete more reps of this drill, you’ll become more and more comfortable absorbing contact and finishing high at the rim,” Liebert says.

The Finishing Through a Double Team Drill can also be a quality defensive trainer. Players can work to contest the shot without fouling.

By adding this drill to your practices, you can be ready to turn physical layup attempts into points.

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