Basketball Driveway Drills: Two in a Row

This at-home shooting drill focuses on both your form and consistency.

Shooting form can sometimes be the difference between an average shooter and a great shooter. By focusing on your form, you can improve your accuracy, no matter if you’re shooting from the baseline, elbow or beyond the arc.

The Two-in-a-Row Drill focuses on improving some of the fundamentals of shooting, such as your form and release.

“The key to this drill is to develop muscle memory and consistency of your shot release and form as you’re out here in the driveway,” DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate and former Division I assistant coach Derek Liebert says.

Before getting started, you may want to measure and mark the lines of your driveway court with chalk. This Pro Tips guide can help you set up the free-throw line and three-point arc.


To begin the Two-in-a-Row Drill, you’ll need to mark both baselines, both wings and on top of the lane. Make sure each spot is 15 to 18 feet from the basket. You can use chalk, cones or anything you have handy in the garage.

While you can do this drill solo, it can be helpful to have a partner to rebound and pass you the ball after each shot.

The goal of the drill is to make two baskets at each of the five shot locations. You must make two in a row before moving on, hence the name.

“Each time you shoot, these are not free throws,” Liebert says. “Catch and shoot with tempo, maintaining your consistency and form of your release.”

Want to increase the challenge level? Try making three consecutive shots from each spot.

By working on drills that focus on shooting form, you’ll be able to improve your consistency on the offensive end of the court.

Looking for more driveway basketball drills? Adding the Star Drill to practice can help improve shooting form as well as shooting off movement and finishing at the rim. Challenge yourself with the Beat the Pro Drill as you attempt to reach a certain score by shooting from two different spots on the court.