Basketball Offense: 1-2 Step Footwork

Working on this footwork drill can help improve your catch-and-shoot skills.

Sometimes when you receive a pass from a teammate, you only have a few seconds before a defender is in your face.

That’s when the 1-2 step comes in handy.

Catching on a 1-2 step can help you become a more effective offensive player. These simple steps allow you to establish a pivot foot. Your pivot foot is your anchor foot that allows you to move freely without traveling, especially out of your triple-threat position.


To execute the 1-2 step:

  • Start in an athletic stance. If you are a right-handed player, your strong foot is your left foot. The opposite applies if you are left-handed.
  • As a pass is made in your direction, aggressively step with your strong foot in the direction of the pass. Follow this with a step from your second foot.
  • You want to have your first step down just before or as you receive the pass. You cannot take both steps after receiving the pass. This will result in a traveling violation.

By receiving the pass on a 1-2 step, you can easily get into your triple-threat position. This should allow you to smoothly transition into your jump shot, a pass or dribble. Practice this action regularly to have good 1-2 step rhythm when receiving a pass from your teammates.

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