Basketball Offense: 42 Shooting Drill

This drill can help you work on your three-pointer, jump shot and layup in a competitive setting.

It’s no secret: To find success on offense in basketball, you need to shoot the ball well.

No matter if you can shoot the ball from beyond the arc or hit a solid mid-range jumper, scoring skills are a must to be successful on offense. Whether you’re a guard, center or forward, it can be important to practice shots from across the court.

If you’re looking to improve your shooting, try adding the 42 Shooting Drill to your practices.

“It is a conditioning drill as well,” says Suzie McConnell-Serio, a former coach and player at both the professional and Division I level. “But you can get a feel for how well you are shooting the basketball with your total score you accumulate.”


This drill requires a friend, teammate or coach to act as a rebounder to pass you the ball.

You’ll make your way across seven spots on the court. The rotation begins in one corner before moving onto the medium post and the elbow extended. The midpoint of the drill is the top of the key. You’ll complete the drill with the other side of the arc at the elbow extended, the medium post and the opposite corner of where you started.

The drill is all about making shots. To perform the drill:

  • You’ll begin on either corner.
  • Your first shot will be a three-pointer. Remember: You always start the drill on a make.
  • You’ll then perform a shot fake from beyond the arc, dribble once and attempt a pull-up jumper.
  • The final shot of the series starts at the three-point line. Use a shot fake, dribble once and go all the way to the basket for a layup.

The most points you can score in this drill is 42 (hence the name). A three-pointer is worth three points, a jumper is worth two and a layup is worth one.

Working on this drill regularly can help sharpen your shooting skills. Keep track of your score and see if you can beat it every time you hit the court.

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