Basketball Offense: 5-Star Shooting Drill

The key to becoming a great shooter is through consistency. Work on your shooting form in this competitive offensive drill.

Everyone loves to shoot the ball on the basketball court. Pulling up, letting the ball go and hearing the “swish” of the net cannot be beat.

But it’s important to shoot the ball the right way. The 5-Star Shooting Drill can help you hit a variety of shots from across the court with proper form.


One of the most important things to work on in this drill is your shooting form. Remember these shooting tips:

  • Your power comes from your legs.
  • Your control comes from your wrist.
  • You must follow through and get rotation.
  • Get your elbow above your chin for proper arc on the ball.


This drill requires you to hit five different shots from five different areas of the court. You’ll begin in one corner before moving to the wing and the top of the key. You’ll finish the loop by shooting from the other wing and corner.

You must consecutively make the five shots from each area, or you must start over. You’ll begin with a very short jumper before moving back a few feet. You’ll finish with a mid-range jumper, a deep jump shot and a three-pointer.

Remember: If you miss a shot, you must start over in that line.

To get even more help on your shooting, add the 42 Shooting Drill to your practice. This drill can help you work on your three-pointer, jumper and layup in a fun and competitive environment.