Basketball Offense: The Basket Cut

When run properly, the basket cut can create scoring opportunities for either you or your teammates.

Movement can be the driving force of a basketball team’s success on offense. But it just isn’t about movement with the ball. You need to move throughout your team’s possession, even if you’re not the ball handler.

The basket cut is a move you can perform without the ball in your hands. The basket cut can be used to create scoring opportunities for you and driving gaps for your teammates.


To properly perform the basket cut:

  • From the top of the key, step toward a teammate out on the right or left perimeter while making a push pass to their chest.
  • As you are completing the pass, move toward them, then quickly toward the basket with your hands up and eyes on the ball, ready to receive and finish.

If you cut and your defender blocks off the passing lane to receive the ball:

  • Continue your movement all the way under the basket and back out to the perimeter on the other side of the court.
  • Your cut and movement through the lane can help to create a driving opportunity to the basket for your teammate with the ball.

Limiting turnovers can also help your team on offense. The Dribble Tunnel Ball-Handling Drill can help boost your ability to move the ball up the court.