Basketball Offense: The Quick Rip

This offensive move can help you create space and attack the defense on the hardwood.

When you get the ball during a heated basketball game, the opponent’s defense will likely swarm and limit your ability to make a play. That makes being able to recognize and attack defensive closeouts crucial for success.

A move that can help create space and attack closeouts is known as the “Quick Rip.” It can also be called the “rip-through” move.

The Quick Rip should be a quick, fluid and explosive movement. It starts by catching the ball and reading the defense. You’ll then rip the ball to your shooting pocket and protect the ball as you accelerate past the defender to finish at the hoop or make a pass to an open teammate.


To execute the Quick Rip:

  • Rip the ball to your shooting pocket as you read the defender attempting the closeout. To do this, you’ll quickly bring the ball across your body and into your shooting pocket while protecting the ball with your lead shoulder and elbow.
  • Attack the defender’s front foot. Step with your ball-side foot past the defender’s front foot to gain ground toward the basket.
  • Finish the move by accelerating and moving your lead shoulder close to the defender’s front hip. This neutralizes the defender and can create open space to the basket.

The Quick Rip can be an effective tool when reading the defense and can give your team an offensive advantage.