Basketball Skills: Ball Screens and Turning the Corner

When a teammate sets a screen for you on offense, you should be ready to turn the corner and attack the basket.

Sometimes when a defender is guarding you across the court, you might need a teammate to help you out. By setting a screen, your teammate can help free you up and allow you to attack the basket.

But you must be ready to turn the corner before you drive for the score.

When you are the ball handler on offense, there is a proper way to turn the corner off a screen. This can be tough to defend when you know how to use the screen effectively.


Setting up a screen takes teamwork. You should be in sync with your teammate throughout this move:

  • Once you catch the ball on a one-two step, immediately fake toward the baseline with a jab step. This can help force your defender to step or lean in that direction.
  • At the same time, your teammate should get into position on the inside hip of the defender to set their screen.
  • With your teammate in position and their feet set, dribble around them away from the baseline.
  • Stay close to your teammate’s hip to maximize the screen.
  • As you pass your teammate, turn the corner and drive toward the basket.
  • When turning the corner, be prepared to attack the rim, shoot or pass to an open teammate.

Practice coming off the screen and turning the corner regularly so you can effectively use this offensive tool to create an advantage against the defense.

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