Basketball Skills: The Athletic Stance

By being in a proper athletic stance, you can be ready to come up with a steal or post up on offense.

You need to be ready for whatever is coming at you on the basketball court.

Like a shortstop in baseball or a linebacker in football, an alert basketball player should always be in an athletic stance. You can be quicker, faster and more alert when you are in your athletic stance.

The foundation of a proper athletic stance starts with:

  • Bent knees
  • Feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
  • Chest and eyes up
  • Hips back
  • Back straight
  • Arms out to your sides or in front of your body

This stance applies to various situations throughout the game:

  • When you are guarding the ball on defense.
  • Your positioning when playing off the ball on defense.
  • Posting up on offense.
  • When you receive the ball in your triple-threat position.

By maintaining a proper athletic stance, you can increase your ability to find success on both ends of the floor.

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