Basketball Skills: The Trae Young Move with Trae Young

Use this Pro Tip from professional basketball player Trae Young to evade a defender and line up for a shot.

In basketball, every player will face off with a defender. Whether it’s a zone defense or man-to-man coverage, a defender will attempt to block your shot — and every move.

Professional basketball player Trae Young adopted his own move to evade defenders. The “Trae Young Move” serves to lead a defender in the wrong direction.

Young, a point guard, says the move can help smaller guards get shots off quickly and create space. To do so, he focuses primarily on the defender, not his dribble.

“I automatically know that he’s not going to let me go that way,” Young says. “I take one or two hard dribbles to make it seem like I’m about to go that way. As soon as he bites, I wrap it around my back.”

Young sees his move imitated by fans through social media and appreciates watching the Trae Young Move in action. He says there haven’t been many mistakes.


Practicing the Trae Young Move can help athletes buy more time to set up a perfect shot. To perform the move:

  • Begin by dribbling up to a defender, then plant your left foot firmly on the ground. Extend your right foot the opposite direction, leading the left foot closer.
  • When both feet hit the ground, dribble one more time.
  • Pick up the dribble and drive the ball, moving your feet and body the other direction. While moving your body, use your arms to wrap the ball around your back. The ball should end up in your left hand.
  • Once the defender goes the other way, get in a shooting stance. Square up your body to the basketball hoop and release your shot.

Young says the biggest key when executing this move is not to commit a traveling violation.

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