Basketball Tips: Post-Up Moves

Learn how to improve your game with the jump hook, drop step, and up-and-under post-up moves.

Former Princeton center and current DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate Bob Garbade is here to walk you through three simple post moves that will allow you to improve your game down low in the paint. All you need is a ball and a hoop to get started.


The first post move is the lefty hook, or the jump hook. To perform this move, stand on the left lane line of the key with your torso facing center court. Next, take one dribble, pivot your body so your feet and shoulders are parallel with the sideline and go up with your left hand extended and finish the shot. The reason you keep your shoulders parallel with the sideline is so your defender doesn’t come up and block the shot. When releasing the ball, concentrate on keeping your right arm close to the body. If you extend it out, you could be called for an offensive foul.


After you perform that move five times, try a drop step. Take one “power” dribble into the middle of the key — using both hands — from your original starting position. If you had a defender on you, they would be shading your left leg at this point in the move. In that instance, you would drop your left leg back toward the basket so your defender is on your back now and your torso is facing the baseline at an angle. Also, try to keep your dribble low to prevent guards from reaching in for a steal. This gives you a much easier chance to finish a layup with your right hand.


The third move is a counter for the first two moves. Start in your beginning position, dribble once so that your shoulders are parallel to the sidelines, pump fake, and pivot with your torso facing the other sideline. Once you pivot, bring your feet together and push off both to take the layup. It’s very important you shoot off both feet in this instance, because if you go off just one, you’ll get called for traveling.

Once you’ve perfected these three moves on both sides, you’ll have six strong post moves that will make you a better inside player.